Unlock the Secret to Owning a Beautiful Yard in the Dublin, CA Area

Rely on professional landscaping, tree trimming or gardening services

Your neighbors own beautiful lawns, but you never see your neighbors spending their Saturdays doing yard work. How is that possible? They've likely hired a local landscaping, gardening or tree trimming service to do the work.

Tri-Valley Gardening and Landscaping, LLC is a full-service landscaping company based in Dublin, CA and serving all of Alameda County. We'll make your yard look better than ever by...

| Pulling weeds, so you'll be left with a lush, green lawn. |
| Planting flowers, so you can add a splash of color to your yard. |
| Laying mulch, so you can prevent weeds from growing in your flower beds. |
| Trimming your trees, so you can remove dying branches without climbing out on a limb. |
| Creating and maintaining a vegetable garden, so you can enjoy the fruits of someone else's labor. |

Rest assured that you're choosing a reputable landscaping, gardening and tree trimming service. Our work is backed by 25 years of experience.

To schedule landscaping, tree trimming or gardening services, contact us now.

We think outside the box

Got a creative landscaping idea but not sure how to pull it off? Leave it to Tri-Valley Gardening and Landscaping. In addition to landscaping, tree trimming and gardening services, we offer landscape design services to property owners in the Dublin, CA area.

Just tell us about your vision for your yard, and we can make it happen. Call 925-216-1021 today to speak with a seasoned landscaper at Tri-Valley Gardening and Landscaping.